Saturday, May 1, 2010

Verse - Reflections in the Mirror

I had a family once, so very long ago
I haven't seen them for such a long time
and often ponder to wonder where did they go

I had a Mother and Father and Sister and Brother
Such like Dick, Jane, Sally, Puff and Spot
We sat together at dinner
and were taught to use our fork, knife and spoon

The children were dressed in their Sunday best at Easter
and the adults would sing songs in the quiet of the house
We sat on Santa's lap and took sleigh rides at Christmas
And then all of a sudden we ate our pet goose for dinner

I pretended I didn't know and told myself it was ok
but I knew deep in my heart that something was wrong
What happened to our pet we will never know
and what happened to our family time will show

Soon thereafter more things were kept quiet
no more shopping trips with Mother
Just trips to strange places with strange people
and then trips without us and then she was gone

What drove her away and to her final place to stay
her final resting place, no more serious and no more play
What monster did the unthinkable and hurt us all
By the look in his eyes or the blood on the wall

Where did my family go, far corners of the earth
The children were strong and had children to birth
Who's left to cling too, to continue the broken story
Only those brave enough to value their worth.

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