Saturday, May 22, 2010

Verse - Mother Nature

Mother nature is my mother and the earth is my father; the sun, the moon and the stars are my brothers and sisters.

Their love is wrapped around me and keeps me warm in their embrace.

I bathe in the rain and sleep in the meadow. The sweet smells intoxicate my senses.

Dreams of flowers and gardens, of forests and streams of mountains and valleys; of heat and cold.

Sharing the glow with those I touch and hope in return that they share the nudge.

I twirl and twirl unable to stop and finally pause afraid I'll drop....

Fear not, no more, for the bed is soft. Sweet slumber embraces as sweet straw in the loft.

My family is here and will never be gone. Tall trees to lean on will ever be strong.

I am always welcome as the world is my house. With roads to travel as if just a mouse.

We came from one but many we are. If you want to be loved don't look too far.

Love yourself first and be so true, the glow you project is who you are.

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