Sunday, July 25, 2010

They didn’t know - Prose

I didn’t know they didn’t know
but how could they know if I didn’t tell them?

Hidden secrets that I kept
in the darkest closet of my mind.

I thought they could read my mind
by Looking into my eyes.

The thousand yard stare it’s called
the empty look that looks far away.

Away is safe and the here is fear.

I saw the fear and I thought it was clear
that I was in pain.

Those many conversations I had
The ones they never heard

Because I never spoke them aloud

I thought you knew
But they couldn’t know

Because I had no voice
I had no choice

I didn’t know they didn’t know

Monday, July 19, 2010

Can't Stop The Clock! - Journal Entry

Time flies by so fast these days! The world is getting smaller and smaller and time is going by faster and faster!

Reconnected this weekend with my classmates from high school. I learned so much about myself, because of them. I discovered so much and it made me so happy.

My days are so full of creativity and ideas and travels. I haven't been able to slow down long enough to document with the camera or to capture with the paint brush. Although I am painting, albeit the exterior of the house is a canvas one cannot hardly call "art"! I do consider the paint choice/combination a bit artsy and for sure a huge improvement over what was there before!

It feels like yesterday that we were ringing in the New Year, 2010! That number has such a melodic musical sound to it! "Twenty Ten", my creative mind loves how that sounds....

This has been a GRAND year so far. A wonderful trip to Greece and living the life of the artist on exhibit! In company with a great Sixties Troubador (Donovan) and Harvard Scholars, my husband and his long time childhood friend, Greek citizens, Greek Patrons of the arts and many more wonderful memories from this special trip.

In fact Greece has inspired my next creative project and I will be producing a collection of ladies fine dresses inspired by the famous Greek Poet Sappho! Oh gosh this is going to be fun to work on. I have already crafted a piece to see what it might look like and OH MY GOSH, I was so satisfied with the over all visual of that sample!

Those pieces will probably be the next art I put on this blog!

I have been finding the time to write though....and you all have access to this on my blog. Finding my voice and speaking, who thought it would be so hard to actually vocalize my thoughts, my fears, my truths and my loves?

But! I am practicing that now....and my creative writings are proof that they are there!

So, time to unpack from the last adventure.....until next time.