Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reflections regarding commonallity

So what do we have in common and who do we have these things in common with? Our age? Man or Woman? Children or no children. Grandchildren or no grandchildren. The list is huge, so there really isn't an excuse to be lonely, unhappy or unfulfilled.

What responsibility do we have to ourselves? If we don't venture out, nothing lost, nothing gained!

Human kind would not have survived, in fact they would have starved if they did not seek nourishment. Was it dangerous, frightening, overwhelming, death defying? Yes, but absolute death and vanquish would have been eminent had they not sought nourishment. Mental, emotional and physical, it all has the same weight on the scales of survival.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Prose and Poetry

Money Has Nothing To Do With It!

That's a lie, that's a fantasy and that's a cop-out...

Who pays my bills, if not I?

How do I eat, how do I sleep and how do I get about?

What would my mind do, if I had no money?

Where would I live, what would I wear, how would I survive?

As years build up, my body breaks down. How would I make it,
If, money has nothing to do with it?

Who would buy my meds and offer me elder care?

My independence as decided by me, says I!

I work for freedom and my prison is my work.

When does it end? It ends at the end, I cry...

June 12, 2009